Wired Monopod Selfie Stick Now $4.99

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Selfies are all the rage these days with everyone from kids to adults. But sometimes your arms aren't long enough to include everyone in the shot, or no one is around to take your picture and capture the perfect selfie. Well now you can leave those problems in the past, just like your rotary phone, with this wired selfie stick. The simple to use functions mean youll have the perfect selfie with the press of a button. Just plug the included wire into your phones headphone jack, extend the selfie stick, and press the button on the handle of the stick. Whether or not you choose to make duck lips or throw up a peace sign is up to you. The stick works with most iOS, Android, and other smartphone models. So buy this Wired Monopod Selfie Stick Now $4.99 + Free Shipping.
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Published on 27 Nov 2015

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