Transcend 256GB ESD400K SSD USB3.0 Now $119.99

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Portable storage usually means taking a flash drive, but what if flash drives insufficient storage space for the files you want to take with you? This is where the Transcend SSD portable hard drive comes into play. Offering 256GB of storage space, the Transcend ESD400 SSD is the size of a playing card. This means it can easily fit in your pocket despite offering more space than a standard flash drive. More files can be stored away in this handy device to be taken just about anywhere you want to go. Equipped with the superfast USB 3.0 connector, users can expect fast transfer rates to and from the device. Another feature worth noting on the Transcend ESD400 is its One Touch backup system. This feature instantly backs up your data and it synchronizes with Transcend Elite Software for the users' convenience. So buy this Transcend 256GB ESD400K SSD USB3.0 (TS256GESD400K) Now $119.99.
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Published on 28 Oct 2015

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