The Baron with Divan Set Mattress Now £429.00

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The Baron with Divan Set Mattress. Implementing the natural warmth of lambs’ wool and the impressive nature of temperature regulating cotton, the Baron might just be the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have. The superbly prepared mattress features 1200 body moulding pocket springs that are specifically prepared to help your body stay in excellent condition. With a plump sleeping surface, this medium tensioned mattress isn’t too heavy and has a sought after deep mattress depth of 29cm at an affordable price. The British Bed Company’s own Bulldog Border also ensures that you have maximum use of every side of the edge, so no matter what bizarre position you sleep in you’ll still be expertly supported. So buy this The Baron with Divan Set Mattress Now £429.00.
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Published on 15 Feb 2016

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