Sportpak 17" Glitter Graphic Backpacks Now $8.99

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Sportpak 17" Glitter Graphic Backpacks. It is that time of year again! Let the pencil sharpening, folder labeling and book covering commence; the kids are going back to school. You probably buy new supplies for your kids every year and you certainly cannot forget to get your daughter a new backpack. These glitter graphic backpacks by Sportpak will give your daughter that back to school confidence she needs to take the classroom by storm. She will walk into the school a changed girl. Being prepared for school her first day is a sure fire way to start the year out right. These graphic backpacks come in four graphic styles: One for every mood or one for four different siblings. So buy this Sportpak 17" Glitter Graphic Backpacks Now $8.99 with Free Shipping.
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Published on 24 Feb 2016

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