Sportful Tour 2 BibTight Now £63.00

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Sportful Tour 2 BibTight. Understated and classic design. Equipped with the excellent BodyFit Pro seatpad, as used by Team Saxo – Tinkoff. The fabric combination provides additional warmth where its required and optimal breathability where overheating may occur. Winter cycling tights, also known as 'longs' are the best way to keep your leg muscles warm when the weather turns cold. Fleecy backed fabrics are comfortable next to your skin and help retain warmth, even when they're wet. Look for double-layer knees to keep your joints protected. Calf-length tights, also known as 'knickers' are great for days when it's not too cold but you want to keep your knees warm. So buy this Sportful Tour 2 BibTight Was £90.00 Now £63.00.

Published on 2 Jan 2014

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