Soprano Sweet Dreams Now £209.00

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Soprano Sweet Dreams. The Soprano is part of the Eden collection by Sweet Dreams, and combines a 12.5-gauge open coil spring system with a 25mm memory foam layer to achieve an extremely comfortable and supportive mattress. The open coil springs are very thick and therefore provide quite a firm degree of support. In contrast, the memory foam works to soften the consistency of the mattress by moulding to the contours of your body; in doing so, the foam protects against the build-up of detrimental pressure points and correctly aligns the spine. Furthermore, the Soprano is upholstered in an extremely breathable, knitted cover that is soft to the touch and allows excess heat and moisture to escape. Comes with a 1-year guarantee. So buy this Soprano Sweet Dreams Now £209.00.

Published on 10 Jun 2015

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