Sony Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones Now £45.00

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Sony MDR-EX650APT Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones. Made in brass for a clear stable sound with reduced resonance, with the Sony MDR-EX650APT earphones you are sure to hear every note with more clarity and less unwanted vibration. The MDR-EX650APT headphones use brass housings to minimise distortion and wide brass ducts for high sound stability. And with a new angled earbud design that fits securely in the ear, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them. Listen to every note with perfect clarity from a compact, highly sensitive driver unit. Hear deep lows and soaring highs with an extended range of sound. The earphones feature a massive frequency range of 5–28,000Hz. With a similar density to steel, brass is an excellent metal for suppressing unwanted vibration and keeping sound stable. The brass housing used in these headphones resonates less than housings made from more traditional materials for clearer mids to highs and smoother low frequency sound. In the search for higher stability and clearer treble, expanded brass ducts have been used with a 15% larger inner diameter than those found in conventional headphones. The small but powerful driver has the same size speaker dome as a 16mm driver for high sensitivity and low distortion. And buy this Sony MDR-EX650AP Smartphone-Capable In-Ear Brass Housing Earphones Was £59.00 Now £45.00.

Published on 26 Jul 2015

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