Sony NWZ-A15 16GB High-Resolution Walkman® Now £159.00

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Sony NWZ-A10 Series 16GB High-Resolution Walkman®. The Smallest and Lightest High-Res Audio Player. Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker, while advanced technologies such as digital upscaling help create the ultimate listening experience. Enjoy Jaw-dropping Sound Quality. Like going from standard definition to HD video, High-Resolution Audio tracks are far higher quality than MP3s and even CDs, letting you hear every breath, every drumbeat, every note. Even better, the S-Master HX™ all-digital amplifier reduces potential distortion, ensuring you always get the full listening experience recorded in the studio. Your Favourite Songs, Upgraded. In addition to playing studio-quality High-Resolution Audio, the NWZ-A Series Walkman® also improves the sound of all your existing music. DSEE HX™ restores lost detail to MP3s and other compressed music files, giving you back the full experience of the original recording, whether you listen to Dvorak or electronic music. Buy this Sony NWZ-A15 16GB High-Resolution Walkman® - The Smallest and Lightest High-Res Audio Player Now £159.00.

Published on 12 Jun 2015

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