Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless RF Headphones Now £45.00

Coupon:Get the dealDeal ends on 30 Jun 2015

Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless RF Headphones. The Sony RF811 Wireless Headphones allow you to listen to music or programmes free from the restriction of a cord. With an easy connection to TV or Hi-Fi, you can enjoy high fidelity sound from up to 100m range away. With a rechargable battery included, enjoy long-lasting use with the Sony Wireless Headphones. The Sony RF811 boasts 13 hours of continuous use from the supplied rechargeable battery, ensuring long-lasting use. The 100m range allows you to move around the house and still receive your tunes. A self-adjusting headband offers excellent listening comfort, delivering you relaxing use as you enjoy powerful, balanced sound. And buy this Sony MDR-RF811RK Wireless RF Headphones Was £49.00 Now £45.00.

Published on 4 Jun 2015

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