Sony MDR-1ADAC Headphones Was £249.00 Now £219.00

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Sony MDR-1ADAC Headphones. Hear all and feel more with the MDR-1ADAC On-Ear Headphones with Built-In USB DAC. These headphones include a built-in USB DAC amp that takes the digital output of your PC, Xperia Smartphone, Walkman or iPhone and converts the signal to an analogue output for amplification. The result is enhanced sound, whatever you're listening to. The foldable ear cups and eight hour battery life ensures that you will never miss a beat as you go about your day. The headphones can connect digitally to your devices to ensure your music sounds are even closer to the original recording. And because the signal is only converted to analogue when it reaches the 40mm driver unit, you’ll enjoy unmatched clarity and accuracy on every track. What's more, the ultra wide frequency range of 3Hz-100kHz enables you to pick up the deep lows and euphoric highs of every beat. Listen to music from your PC, Xperia Smartphone, Walkman or iPhone using one of the supplied digital cables. Auto Select switches seamlessly between inputs for effortless connections. So buy this Sony MDR-1ADAC Headphones with Built-in DAC Was £249.00 Now £219.00.

Published on 6 Aug 2015

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