Sony 8GB Walkman Now £129.00

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Enjoy clear, enhanced audio on the move with the NWZ-M504 compact Walkman®. Sound technologies, including S-Master MX digital amplifier and Digital Noise Canceling, combine with 8GB of built-in storage and Bluetooth® wireless streaming, so you can move to your favourite tunes. The Walkman can also act as a headset for your smartphone, and can boost the sound quality of the music you stream from it. The Sony NWZ-M504 uses the Sony S-Master MX digital amplifier for pure sound quality and strong bass response. The unit has 8GB of built in memory allowing you to store approximately 1000 songs. Thanks to a small 0.9 inch screen the battery life on the NWZ-M504 is rated at 15 hours of continuous playback of music. So buy this Sony NWZ-M504 8GB Walkman® with NFC & Bluetooth - The Walkman can also act as a headset for your smartphone Now £129.00.

Published on 21 Mar 2015

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