Save 60% Off on Kitchen Pal Oven Glove (Red).

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Oven mitts are good. Double Mitt Oven Gloves are better. Protect both your hands and your arms with this insulated, double-handed oven glove. A generous 36-inch spread lets you pick up even large pots, trays and dishes safely and conveniently. And each glove is equipped with a non-slip grip made of heat-resistant silicone which will protect your hands up to 450 degrees! The Kitchen Pal Oven Glove is extremely versatile, too. Aside from using it as an oven mitt, you can sling it over your shoulder and use it as a utensil caddy. Or fold the heat-resistant silicone mitts up and it makes an excellent insulated hot dish trivet. Use it for cooking, baking or even grilling, the Kitchen Pal Double Mitt Oven Glove makes it safer and more convenient. So buy this and Save 60% Off on Kitchen Pal Oven Glove (Red).
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Published on 30 Nov 2015

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