Save 44% on Wolgang Puck 29-Liter Countertop Pressure Oven

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The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven uses a moisture-sealed, low-pressurized chamber to infuse heat, flavor, and moisture into your food - while cooking up to 70% faster! Get sweeter, flavor-infused vegetables and meat more quickly. The convenient countertop size is small enough to fit under your cabinets yet large enough for a 14 lb. turkey or 12" pizza. Also includes Standard Mode option for when you want to cook like your conventional oven, but using a fraction of the energy. Make the most moist, flavorful meals you've ever had. Buy this Oven and Save 44% Off on Wolgang Puck 29-Liter Countertop Pressure Oven - Only $140 plus shipping!
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Published on 2 Jul 2016

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