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The Hub, a small stand alone box, works with the app to allow you to connect multiple speakers into a multi room system. By simply plugging the hub into your router and connecting via the app, you can connect, group & control your speakers to customize your music to fit your life. To connect all your speakers throughout your home, all that’s needed is one easy-to-use hub. You can play all your favorite tracks wirelessly and use all your favorite online music streaming services. The hub also gives you different modes of listening, including Zone Play and Party Play, letting you play tunes simultaneously on all speakers around your home or just in one room. All you need is one hub to bring your speakers, devices and music together. The Speakers, Samsung’s multi-room wireless speakers offer Dual-band Wi-Fi technology to ensures that your music streams flawlessly. With dual band, communication between various speakers is constant and free of interruption, creating a musical entertainment environment that is seamless. Be in control of your music throughout your home. Samsung’s Wireless Multi-room Audio Speakers allow you to stream online music stations or your personal music library seamlessly throughout any room of the house via your home network. This dynamic and expandable Dual-band Wi-Fi system allows you to take control of how and where you listen. Samsung Shape Wireless Audio speakers can be used individually or together as part of a multi-room eco- system and all controllable through any smart mobile device. Buy this product and Save $300.00 OFF Samsung Wireless Multiroom 2 Speakers + Hub Set | 2xWAM350(M3) + WAM250 - $199.99 + Free Shipping at
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Published on 26 Jul 2015

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