Save 20% OFF on UV-C Vacuum Cleaner

Coupon:JULY4Deal ends on 8 Jul 2014

Carewin UV-C Furniture & Bedding Vacuum Cleaner. Remove invisible dust, debris, allergens, and bacteria. Philips UV-C lamp emits ultraviolet light to disinfect and kill bacteria and germs after 1 second of exposure. Clean and sterilize upholstery, sofas, cushions, bedding, and mattresses. Vibration pad utilizes a 4000 RPM stomping action to shake up dust. Unlike brush type vacuums, vibration pads do not harm upholstery and fabrics. Easy to use: 3 modes include vacuum/vibration/UV sanitizing, vacuum/UV sanitizing and UV sanitizing. Floor detection sensor turns off ultraviolet lamp when lifted from ground. So buy this and Save 20% OFF on UV-C Vacuum Cleaner from Best Home Fashion. With coupon code: JULY4 at checkout.

Published on 20 Jun 2014

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