Save £15 Off Srixon ZK MK II Hybrids.

Coupon:AW0068Deal ends on 31 Dec 2023

Srixon ZX Mk II Hybrids. Hybrids are multi-versatile clubs that instil added confidence when stood over the ball, a must for the serious golfer to lower scores and have a go at getting to that far-away pin with a degree of safety. Built on the input of Srixon’s professional staff, the all-new ZX MKII Hybrids have an appealing look, neutral face angle and squared-off toe. This hybrid design is made to suit a skilled player’s eye, giving greater confidence on those important win-or-lose shots at the back end of a round. The new shape has allowed Srixon designers to place the mass deeper into the clubhead, raising launch for higher towering shots that land soft and stick. A new face radius that spans from the leading edge to the crown, giving consistent spin on shots high or low on the face. Don't settle for less, swing for success! Save £15 Off Srixon ZK MK II Hybrids. With code: AW0068 at cheeckout.
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Published on 7 Aug 2023

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