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Viavito Heart Rate Monitor. Accurate heart rate measurement requires the use of the wireless chest strap and the one supplied with this product features an LED that flashes to indicate when it’s picking up readings. Unlike some chest straps on budget priced heart rate monitors with a sealed, built-in battery, the ViaVito chest strap has a user-accessible battery compartment. In addition to displaying heart rate levels being transmitted by the chest strap (in beats per minute), the watch provides a number of useful training functions. This includes a fat burning programme that is driven by inputting the user’s age to determine target heart rate during exercise to achieve fat burn. For maximum flexibility, there is a freely programmable target heart rate zone with audible and visual alarms indicating going outside of these levels as well as logging of an exercise session to record the duration of exercise within the zone, above it or below it. Buy this and Save 15% Off on Viavito Heart Rate Monitor.
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Published on 18 Sep 2015

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