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GeekBox Open Source Cross TV BOX with MXMIII Android 5.1& Ubuntu Dual Boot 4K RK3368 Octa Core 2G/16G AC WIFI 1000M LAN BT4.1 HDMI2.0 OTG. Outline of a SUV shell, with streamlined figure and ingenious design. The vent-equipped upper shell does not only for ventilation, but also highlights its SUV-like profile. 2 LEDs soldered on the main board will light up, once being powered. Considering its durability, we have equipped it with a anti-slippery lower shell. Light as feather, Geekbox is portable enough for you to jam in the pocket and carry on the go. So buy this TV Box and Save 15$ Off For GeekBox. Use coupon code: GeekBox at checkout.

Published on 6 Feb 2016

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