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24-inch 1080p 144Hz LED Gaming Display with Matte Anti-Glare Finish. Enjoy smooth motion and superior image clarity when gaming with this 24-inch 1080p 144Hz LED Gaming Display from Monoprice! In the world of PC gaming, a high frame rate is one of the critical keys to gaming Nirvana. However, an often overlooked factor is the screen refresh rate. In the same way that high frame rates smooth out the motion, a high refresh rate smooths the transition between frames, resulting in smoother in game motion, fewer artifacts (like tearing), and less eye fatigue. Even more than normal gaming, 3D (stereoscopic) gaming requires a high refresh rate. Because of the way 3D images are displayed on screen, the effective refresh rate for a 3D image is half of the nominal, 2D refresh rate. This means that if you were using a standard 60-72Hz monitor, your effective refresh rate would be an unsatisfactory, "framey" looking 30-36Hz. The additional overhead of the 144Hz refresh rate allows for increased smoothness of 3D images drawn at 60 fps. This monitor supports a native 1920x1080p resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It features Dual-Link DVI-D, DisplayPort, HDMI®, and VGA, video inputs, with the full 144Hz refresh rate supported on both the DVI and DisplayPort inputs. It includes an advanced stand, which allows for tilt and swivel adjustment, as well as rotation for easy portrait/landscape orientation changes. The stand is detachable, allowing use of a wall or desk mount with a 100x100 VESA mounting pattern. It also features a set of built-in speakers and a 2 watts/channel amplifier to drive them. Buy this Monitor and Save $140.01 Off on Monoprice 24in1080p 144hz LED Gaming/High Performance Display for $229.99 after instant rebate with free shipping at

Published on 23 Jun 2015

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