Satechi USB Portable Humidifier v2.5 For $23.99

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Satechi USB Portable Humidifier v2.5. The Satechi USB Portable Humidifier creates a soothing personal space at home, the office, in a car, or traveling. To use, fill a bottle or cup with purified water, place the humidifier into the opening, making sure the filter is submerged, & plug the humidifier into a USB port for instant comfort. To turn off, unplug it or wait until it automatically shuts off after 8 hours. You can then refill the bottle & plug the humidifier into a USB port to turn it back on.Mini vs. RegularMini v.3 The mini humidifier is compact & portable for travel. This humidifier secures onto the narrow opening of water bottles to prevent spills. Due to its small size, it will only work with the narrow opening of bottles.Regular v.2.5 The regular sized humidifier is larger to accommodate both the narrow opening of water bottles & wide opening of cups, mugs, vases, & other containers. When secured onto the narrow opening of a bottle, this humidifier doesnt leak when turned over.Humidifier Relieves cold, cough, & flu symptoms, itchy dry skin, congested sinuses, chapped lips, dry eyes, & headaches by adding moisture to dry air.Mister Cool off by using cold water.Aroma Diffuser Add liquid fragrances or essential oils to the water for a relaxing environment.This environmentally-friendly humidifier helps reuse bottles & has a low power output of 2 watts.Convenient to use anytime, anywhere, this personal-use humidifier is small enough to fit into a purse, laptop bag, or suitcase & affects an area of 16.4 sq.ft.Included with the humidifier are 2 filters & a USB cable. To assemble, insert the filter into the underside of the humidifier, then plug the humidifier into the USB cable & the USB cable into a USB port. Every 2 weeks, clean the nozzle of the humidifier with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar to remove dirt & minerals. Note: Bottles are not included. Buy this and you can Get Free Shipping on a Satechi USB Portable Humidifier v2.5 for $23.99 at!

Published on 19 Apr 2014

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