Restapocket 850 with Divan Set Now £239.00

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Restapocket 850 with Divan Set. The Restapocket 850 is a fine mattress, made by British manufacturer, Restopaedic. We work closely with Restopaedic, a renowned mattress maker, to bring you the best quality products at the most affordable prices. The mattress contains 850 independently moving pocket springs that mould to the shape of your body, delivering a sleeping surface that adjusts like memory foam but feels more supportive. The benefits of housing springs inside individual fabric pockets are manifold: firstly, since the springs are not joined together, your partner can toss and turn in the night and you won’t feel a thing; secondly, the springs adjust to the contours of your body to support susceptible joints like the hips and shoulders; and thirdly, because the surface of the mattress mirrors the shape of your body, it promotes the natural S-shape of the spine. But that’s not it! The Restapocket is also hand-tufted for greater stability and features hypoallergenic fillings that curb the growth of dust mites and mould. So buy this Restapocket 850 with Divan Set Now £239.00.
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Published on 18 Jan 2016

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