Restapocket 850 by Restopaedic Was £155.00 Now £149.00

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The mattress contains 850 independently moving pocket springs that mould to the shape of your body, delivering a sleeping surface that adjusts like memory foam but feels more supportive. The benefits of housing springs inside individual fabric pockets are manifold: firstly, since the springs are not joined together, your partner can toss and turn in the night and you won’t feel a thing; secondly, the springs adjust to the contours of your body to support susceptible joints like the hips and shoulders; and thirdly, because the surface of the mattress mirrors the shape of your body, it promotes the natural S-shape of the spine. But that’s not it! The Restapocket is also hand-tufted for greater stability and features hypoallergenic fillings that curb the growth of dust mites and mould. The mattress can also be seasonally rotated to prolong its freshness and includes a 5-year warranty. And buy this Restapocket 850 by Restopaedic Was £155.00 Now £149.00.
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Published on 27 Jan 2016

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