Premier Pocket 1350 Mattress Now £329.00

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Premier Pocket 1350 Mattress. The Premier Pocket is a luxury, pocket sprung mattress made from top-quality organic materials that will lull you into a naturally deep sleep. The top layer is made of silk and has been treated with a probiotic called Purotex®, a 100% natural solution to mould and household dust mites. The filling is a combination of cashmere and lambs wool, which produces quite a firm tension that is sure to keep you warm and cosy all night long. The mattress also contains Silentnight’s unique Miracoil® spring system, which includes a network of 1350 individual pocket springs that adaptively support your body to preserve the spine’s natural S-shape, relieve pressure points and prevent 'roll together'. So buy this Premier Pocket 1350 Mattress Now £329.00.
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Published on 20 May 2016

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