Pelvic Floor Barbell Now £29.99

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Pelvic Floor Barbell. Vaginal Barbell. Two ends for varied exercise intensity. Medical-grade stainless steel - easy to clean, Weighted to add resistance to manual exercises. Strengthen even the strongest muscles. If you've mastered your manual Kegel exercises, or manual exercises with a device such as the Kegel8 Exercise Cones, and you're ready for the next challenge, the Pelvic Floor Barbell is the perfect way to do it. Its weighted design and one thin end, one wider end means that you can vary the intensity of your workout as your pelvic floor muscles become stronger. It's simple to use too - simply incorporate it into your weekly exercise routine and soon you could be waving goodbye to the problems of a weak pelvic floor - laughter leaks, faecal leaks, uncontrollable wind, reduced intimate sensation and too many trips to the loo. You'll quickly notice a huge difference, and your partner will too with your pelvic floor muscles of steel! And buy this Pelvic Floor Barbell Now £29.99.

Published on 17 Feb 2014

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