Panasonic TCP65ZT60 - 65" Plasma TV Just $2,899.99

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Panasonic TCP65ZT60 - 65" Full HD 1080p Plasma TV. OLED TVs are set to arrive this year with price points ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 for a 65" TV. With such a premium price tag on OLED, what’s the next best thing for picture quality? The 65" ZT60 series Panasonic plasma TV to be exact. The TC-P65ZT60 has both critics and consumers believing once again that plasma still reigns supreme (for now) and Panasonic is still the king of plasma displays. Last year, 2012, CNET’s Top 5 HDTVs included 4 Panasonic plasma TVs. This year Panasonic released their ZT60, their answer for OLED technology. The ZT60 is for the tough critics and video buffs. Panasonic claims that this is the best TV they’ve made in 16 years of creating plasma TVs for the consumer market. The Panasonic ZT60 Series TV features many updates to the panel to enhance picture quality. Voted 2013 CES BEST HDTV by HDGuru, the ZT60 features Panasonic’s Neo Plasma Black 3000 panel structure. This panel structure incorporates multiple technologies to ensure your plasma TVs picture quality is able to contend with OLED in the lines of response time, brightness, motion clarity, and black levels. This feat is achieved with Panasonic’s Studio Master Panel, their Ultimate Black Pro Panel, a Louver Filter with Fast Switching Phosphors, and 3000 Focused Field Drive (or FFD). This Panasonic 65" TV features 30,720 steps of color gradation and 98% of the DCI Color Space to give you bold and vibrant colors on all of your favorite content. The ZT60 Smart TV comes equipped with all of the features you need to enhance the way you watch and use your TV, e.g., built-in Wi-Fi, a built-in web browser, a customizable interface and much more. And Get the Panasonic TCP65ZT60 - 65" Plasma TV just $2,899.99 plus Free White Glove Delivery and No Sales Tax [except CA, CO, MA, MI, OH, RI] use Promo Code: PAULS28.

Published on 16 Nov 2013

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