Monster Power MDP 600 Digital 6-Outlet For $19.99

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Monster Power Digital PowerCenter MDP 600 - 6 outlets, 1440 joule rating. Common power surges and spikes can occur many times a day and can easily damage or destroy your delicate digital circuitry in computers and AV components. Even worse, electrical noise and interference can corrupt important data: your digital photos, videos, and critical documents. Don't risk losing it all. Ordinary surge protectors have a limited surge absorption capacity. If a powerful surge exceeds that fixed capacity, any equipment is vulnerable to damage or destruction. For advanced protection against more powerful surges, Monster® Dual Mode Plus™ automatically disconnects to protect your valuable equipment and data. Dual Mode Plus also sounds an alarm to alert you that it has protected your system from damage. In addition, all of a system’s connections need to be surge protected, or the entire system is vulnerable to damage. It’s all or nothing. To ensure complete system protection, the MDP 600 has six surge protected outlets, enough for even complex computer and AV systems. So buy this product and you can Get Free Shipping on a Monster Power MDP 600 Digital 6-Outlet, 1440 joule PowerCenter for $19.99 at, a $39.96 Savings!

Published on 11 Dec 2013

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