Modernhome Digital Mixing and Measuring Bowl - $26.99

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The Modern Home Digital Mixing & Measuring Bowl makes a perfect companion for a chef at any level. Avoid the clutter of 3 separate devices and save time because now you can measure, mix and pour with just one convenient device. The tare feature allows you to measure multiple liquids and solids at the same time; just add the ingredients into the bowl, measure it, press tare to reset the scale and add the next ingredient. The digital mixing & measuring bowl has a built-in LCD display panel that measures in grams, ounces, milliliters, cups and fluid ounces; depending on what you're measuring, simply press the appropriate buttons to switch between different units. The bowl has a durable stainless steel design and the LCD panel automatically turns off after a few seconds of non-usage to maximize battery life. You simply cannot live without this in your kitchen. So buy this Modernhome Digital Mixing and Measuring Bowl - $26.99 + Free Shipping.
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Published on 24 Nov 2015

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