Memory 3 Sleep Silentnight Now £199.00

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Memory 3 Sleep Silentnight. Originally created by NASA to hold astronauts comfortably in zero gravity during space missions, memory foam has gone on to become a firm favourite in households worldwide. Using your body heat to soften and shape around your body, memory foam has a sumptuous, soft feel that helps improve health problems including pressure sores, muscular issues and arthritis. Silentnight’s Memory 3 Sleep mattress embodies everything that people love about memory foam and more. Absorbing movement for better weight distribution, the 30mm of memory foam and special high density Miratex foam filling also provides an outstanding night’s sleep while reducing roll-together. The three zoned support system has varied tension in key areas, meaning that pressure is minimised at the points where it commonly builds up, giving you an excellent overall sleeping experience. And buy this Memory 3 Sleep Silentnight Now £199.00.
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Published on 17 Sep 2015

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