MEElectronics S6P Sport-Fi In-Ear Earphone Now £39.99

Coupon:12S6P5%Deal ends on 5 Dec 2015

Do you get frustrated when you're in the middle of running or an intense workout session and you're listening to music but mid-song, your earphones keep falling out or the cables keep getting in the way? The Sport-Fi S6P is a complete workout package, allowing you to forget about your earphones and concentrate on your workout and music. Need to take a call no problem, the earphones have a built in microphone and remote so you can answer without having to stop. The memory wire conforms to the ear. resulting in the best combination of comfort and security, while the modular cable system enables you to use the S6 in one of several configurations without having to deal with excess cable lengths. So buy this MEElectronics S6P Sport-Fi In-Ear Earphone Was £49.99 Now £39.99.

Published on 19 Jan 2015

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