LOGISYS Computer 575W ATX12V SLI Ready Power Supply - $29.99

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An important tip from one of our users: don't just check total power output, find out what you need in the way of current on each power rail. If you need 20 A on your +12V rails and the supply only has 15A, it doesn't matter how many watts the supply puts out: don't buy it. Make certain that you have ENOUGH rails, too: sometimes, you need more than just two +12V rails for your setup. Replacing an existing power supply is easier: just get a replacement that meets or exceeds the specifications of the old one. (You can usually find those printed on the side of the supply.) That said, here's a power supply that is compatible with most ATX format motherboards, puts out 575 watts of power (see specifications for exact distribution) at a great price. Could this be your next power supply. And buy this LOGISYS Computer PS575XBK 575W ATX12V SLI Ready Power Supply Now $29.99 with $5 Off use code CEMCKANT46 at Newegg.ca.
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Published on 29 Oct 2015

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