Indigi Dual Camera Lens DashCam For $64.99

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Keep yourself protected from fraudulent lawsuits on the road with one of the most advanced car DVRs ever: The Dual Camera Car Blackbox DVR with GPS Logger and G-Sensor. The road is full of hidden dangers and bad drivers, that's why you need to keep a car blackbox DVR in place for those stingy insurance companies. Constantly on alert, this Car DVR is installed directly on the windshield and powers on automatically when the engine is on. Dual cameras record everything on the road as well as inside the car, so the next time a bad driver bumps into you and claims it was your fault, get their contact into and tell them not a chance with this car blackbox DVR. This Car Blackbox DVR is also immensely useful if you get in an accident and need to clarify immediately what has just happened to the officer. Buy this Camera and Save $85 Off on a Indigi Dual Camera Lens DashCam for $64.99 with free shipping at

Published on 4 Nov 2016

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