Grado SR-125i Headphones Now £175.50!

Coupon:ucevfvDeal ends on 11 Nov 2013

Grado SR-125i Headphones. Grado's SR125i or as Grado know them as SR125 'Improved' join the growing range of Grado Headphones at AMP3. Grado have combined a lightweight design and extreme durability in thier SR125i model. Along with internal dampening Grado have made more additions to the SR125i headphones - of an improved driver and cable design mean a more natural and pure sound perormance. Using special plastic housing to move air and allow a better reaction to sound vibrations and reduce transient distoritions. With a wide soundstage and a 'fine' tonal spread the SR125i are the next step up from hte SR80i headphones. These headphones dig up plenty detail and beautifuly organise every aspect of the audio! So buy this Grado SR-125i Headphones Was £195.00 Now £175.50.

Published on 14 Oct 2013

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