Get 20€ Off for Redroad G10 2800pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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Redroad G10 2800pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeping & Mopping, 450ml Self-Cleaning, Obstacle Avoidance LDS Navigation. Self-cleaning Mopping - Free up your hands, without touching the dirty mop, this machine can automatically wash the mop, deep clean the ground, and let you start a new life of elegance. Each scrubbing an area, it will return intelligently to the cleaning station cleaning the mop, and with each departure, the mop can be clean as new. 3000 times/min High-Frequency Vibrating Mopping - The reciprocating high-frequency vibration wiping the floor like a human hand can easily remove all kinds of stubborn stains. The powerful motor brings surging suction, 4 cleaning modes to choose from, meets the needs of different scenarios, and the professional cleaning ability has evolved. With just one click, tap water is electrolyzed into "sterilized water" with an effective sterilization rate of 99.9%, and no need to purchase sterilization products. No pollution, no pungent, safe and environmentally friendly, caring for the old and the young. With the design to accurately identify the carpet, the mop can be lifted quickly without wetting the carpet, and the suction force is increased, effectively cleaning the carpet. No fear of light effects, this sweeping robot has the functions of high-frequency acquisition, accurate map drawing, and quick recognition of every square of the home. Get this deal and Save 20€ Off Now 479.00 € for Redroad G10 2800pa Robot Vacuum Cleaner. With coupon code: 8wSpj4ew at checkout.

Published on 13 Nov 2022

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