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Get 10% Off on All Shag Rugs from Natural Area Rugs. Use coupon code: SASSHAG15 at checkout. More About Shag Rugs: Is shag your bag? If so, you’ll find Natural Area Rugs’ collection of shag rugs to be simply irresistible. Shag rugs are back, and in a big way. First gaining popularity in the swinging ‘60s and ‘70s, shag rugs are a new old retro look sweeping the nation. And Natural Area Rugs has a wide assortment of shag rugs in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. Natural Area Rugs’ luxurious shag rugs are available in a range of materials, including silk, wool, cotton and synthetics, so you can find exactly the right look and feel to fit your home, budget and tastes. Made from the finest materials, these rugs are at home just about anywhere in your home, including your living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and just about anywhere else you’re looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling shag rugs bring. Their soft, plush comfort will keep you warm and comfortable on even the coldest, bleakest days.

Published on 28 Jul 2015

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