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Gay & Lesbian Travel Deals! LGBT - In the US, the very first known organization that worked towards the betterment of the LGBT community is The Society for Human Rights in Chicago, founded in 1924. Later on, the brave Harvey Milk played a major role in taking the movement further ahead, helping numerous people accept who they are and live a life of dignity. He, along with his supporters, paved the way for future generations to break stereotypes and shine in their respective fields. The first US state to legalize Same Sex Marriage was Massachusetts, in 2004! When it comes to LGBT rights, it has been a slow and steady fight. There's still a long way to go before the hate crimes related to LGBT are completely eradicated. However, we have come quite far from all the predicaments faced just a few decades ago. It's only fair that there be events that celebrate the triumphs achieved by the men, women and gender fluid, after decades of facing discrimination. It's still not all sunshine and rainbows yet, but we're halfway there. Whether you're a member of the LGBT community or someone who supports a loved one's rights, there are many Pride Parades around the world that you can participate in. Some of the biggest Gay Prides in the World.

Published on 10 Jan 2018

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