FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sports Headphones with 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player Now £129.00

Coupon:Get the dealDeal ends on 30 Jun 2015

FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sports Headphones. The FX-Sport VRX wireless smart sport headphones are a first for the sport’s world. The VRX has integrated, a premium 8GB MP3 player, as well as having the ability to upload customised workouts directly to the headphones. Sweatproof/rainproof, lightweight and super comfortable, the VRX can also be upgraded to become fully waterproof for swimming with it’s silicone skin case accessory [bought separately]. This is a tested methodology which delivers great quality audio consistently, above and below the water. One major aspect that differentiates the VRX from other similar or fully waterproof headphones, is a superior music quality. An extra integrated amp boosts bass, depth and volume to produce a quality sound. So buy this FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sports Headphones with Premium 8GB Waterproof MP3 Player and Customisable Uploadable Workouts Now £129.00.

Published on 4 Jun 2015

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