exo2 Snowstorm Pro Heated Gloves - Unisex Now £220.00

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exo2 Snowstorm Pro Heated Gloves - Unisex. SnowStorm PRO Heated Gloves are a highly versatile and fully controllable solution for keeping hands warm in a wide range of adverse weather conditions. Exo2s unique ThermoKnit™ textile heating technology is carefully positioned inside these gloves to provide a soft and flexible layer of warmth covering the fingers, thumbs and backs of the hands. Heating time is 2 to 8 hours per full charge depending on which heating levels are selected. SnowStorm PRO heated gloves are simple to operate and set-up. Every system comes supplied with a pair of lightweight curved power packs. Pressing the switch will light the LED red, which indicates that power is available and the unit is now on at the 100% power level; pressing again selects the 75% (yellow) level; followed by the 50% (green) level and then the 25% (flashing - green) level. A final press will switch the power pack off. Also included is a 2-way mains charger unit which will charge up both power packs simultaneously. So buy this exo2 Snowstorm Pro Heated Gloves - Unisex Now £220.00.

Published on 14 Aug 2015

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