Duo Ortho Deluxe Myer's Beds Now £175.00

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Duo Ortho Deluxe Myer's Beds. If you’re looking for something that has a slightly firmer tension and feel compared to the average mattress whilst still giving you an excellent level of comfort, the Duo Ortho mattress will be right up your alley. With a twin spring unit consisting of a double decker 650 system, the mattress springs ensure that you get a generous dose of support for your entire body. The mattress is also dual sided adding longevity. As you rotate and flip the mattress seasonally, it lasts for many more years than the average mattress. Including a soft yet hard wearing damask cover, built to significantly help the mattress breath. The Duo Ortho mattress also uses advanced moisture reduction technology, so that damage caused by moisture is massively reduced. So buy this Duo Ortho Deluxe Myer's Beds Now £175.00
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Published on 6 Sep 2015

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