Baronet (Firm) Hypnos Now £699.00

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Baronet (Firm) Hypnos. Are you a fan of luxury hotel mattresses? If so then Hypnos are the ideal company for you. Supplying to the Hotel Rest Deluxe, Hypnos provide quality mattresses at affordable prices and the Baronet is a perfect example of that. Coming in a choice of tensions from medium to firm, if you feel like your weight needs a little bit of extra support then Hypnos will always welcome you with that choice. The Baronet contains quality fibres of naturally warming lambs wool which acts as an excellent insulator, alongside temperature regulating cotton which has absorbent properties. Double tempered with 8 active turns for extra long-lasting strength, the 1200 pocket springs in the British made mattress shows off exactly how much care, quality and attention Hypnos treat every one of their mattresses during the production process. With hand tufted buttons to keep the fillings together and the tension in tact, handles to aid rotation and vents on the border to release damp air, the Baronet is nothing short of perfection. So buy this Baronet (Firm) Hypnos Now £699.00.
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Published on 6 Sep 2015

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