Arena Swimming MP3 Mini 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player Now £55.00

Coupon:OCT7BANGDeal ends on 31 Oct 2015

Arena Swimming MP3 Mini 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player. Add rhythm to your swim with the Arena Mini underwater MP3 player, simply load your MP3 or WMA tracks onto the Arena Mini MP3 player, clip to goggles, and enjoy listening to your favourite music while you swim. Perfect for livening up long training sessions, or for peace of mind when on holiday. If dropped in water the Arena Mini floats, great for avoiding expensive accidents by the pool. The Arena Mini 4GB MP3 player is a submersible, waterproof and weatherproof MP3 player with waterproof earphones which is salt and chlorine resistant. Specially designed for aquatic athletes and active people this MP3 player has an extremely compact and lightweight design. The Arena Mini remains waterproof and can be safely used up to a depth of 3 metres in the water so you can enjoy your favourite tracks when you're swimming! - Ideal to break up the monotony of training in the pool. With its 4GB capacity, this MP3 player holds up to 1,000 songs in MP3 format and as many as 2,000 WMA tracks. So buy this Arena Swimming MP3 Mini 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player Now £55.00.

Published on 8 Oct 2015

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