Apollo Healthosleep Was £349.00 Now £299.00

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Apollo Healthosleep. Advances in memory foam technology have led to this latest generation of cutting-edge mattresses, which mould to the contours of your body like never before: relieving pressure points, correctly aligning the spine and preventing the development of those all too common aches and pains. The Apollo contains two different types of foam to render a sleeping experience that is truly unrivalled: the first is a 75mm layer of V60 memory foam, which adapts to the shape of your body to improve circulation and support vulnerable joints; while the second, a thicker layer of reflex foam, reinforces the base of the mattress so you don’t experience the same sinking sensation associated with thinner, less expensive mattresses. So buy this Apollo Healthosleep Was £349.00 Now £299.00.
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Published on 20 Oct 2015

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