53% OFF For 2013 Marzocchi Corsa SL 29 Fork!!

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Marzocchi Corsa SL 29 Fork 2013. Marzocchi makes high quality forks and shocks for both mountain and dirt bikes. If you’re looking to upgrade your 29’er fork, look no further. The Marzocchi Corsa was designed for cross country riding. The Corsa was designed using Marzocchi’s AER system. The advantages of an air system sealed inside the stanchion tube and of a negative coil spring combined into one system is smoothness and light weight. Lockout your fork as you head up a steep incline for ultimate pedaling efficiency. The Corsa SL LR glides along hilly trails and absorbs bumps and small obstacles with ease, all to produce a smooth comfortable ride. The stanchions have been coated with nickel. The new superficial treatment improves their smoothness and their resistance to the dirt encountered during every bike ride. The internal taoered profile design allows a consistent weight reduction in comparison with the previous model year’s equivalent stanchions, without losing out on stiffness and resistance. Marzocchi has also updated the bushings. The new bushings feature vertical slots for oil fluid and lubrication. The fitted design process forms itself to the internal casting machine seat. The goal is to have the best feeling, most supple feel between the stanchions and the casting. So buy this product and Save 53% OFF For 2013 Marzocchi Corsa SL 29 Fork Now $349.99.
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Published on 23 Dec 2013

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