Save 20% on Nutri-Lyze and Stable-Lyze.

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Details: Nutri-Lyze and Stable-Lyze. When a pet has ingested a poison, every passing moment is critical and can mean the difference between life and death for the pet you love. When every moment counts, count on Nutri-Lyze. Nutri-Lyze contains an extremely powerful decontaminating agent which is designed to
absorb the toxins in the animals stomach which helps to allow enough time to get the pet
to a veterinarian. Buy this and Save 20% on Nutri-Lyze and Stable-Lyze. Use Code: W9B9AW.

Limitations: Shipping Limitation United States.

This coupon was published long time ago and has no expiry date information in our database.
So we are not sure if this coupon will still work. Use it on your own Luck.

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