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Product Details
The H2Go is the unique portable solution to safe drinking water. Its central cartridge contains alkaline minerals, magnets and filter medium. It re-mineralizes and ionizes ordinary tap water while filtering out chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. The H2Go is easy to use. Simply fill it up, drink it down, or take it with you to immediately enjoy the benefits of fresh alkaline hydration on the go. The H2Go makes it easy to drink two litres of good water a day.

– Bio-ceramic filter reduces impurities – chlorine, heavy metals, insecticides and other impurities
– Eliminates E.Coli, B. Subtilis, S. Aurene
– Quickly re-mineralizes tap water with alkaline mineral cartridge
– Clean, fresh tasting water
– Portable for hiking, sports, travel, in flight, gym, camping, school and work
– Economical and easy hydration – avoid expensive bottled waters
– No landfill waste from discarded shop-bought water bottles
– Filters up to 800 litres and has a replaceable filter cartrdge
– Compact size, lightweight – no electricity or tap connection required
– Creates water with an ORP of up to -250 (will vary based on source water)

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