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Expiry: 2011-10-31
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For a truly unique grilling and dining experience there is The Pink Collection. This collection has 6 individual and unique designs such as a ladies shoe, a wine glass, a chef’s hat, a ladies hat, a swan and a breast cancer ribbon. Use your individual Grill Charm(tm) to personalize your food before you grill to indicate your favorite sauces or flavors, avoid health or allergy issues or any reason you can dream up! Grill Charms(tm) help you mark or label your pork, chicken, burger, steak, tuna steak, portobello mushroom etc… before, during and after grilling. A new trend with this collection is the “season your own” cook-out. The host provides the meat, the guests pick their Grill Charm™ and choose from a variety of sauces or rubs. Guests season their meat any way they wish and nobody, including the grill master needs to know or care how what’s on it. When dinner is served, guests simply look for their Grill Charm™. With everyone watching every penny, it’s even more important than ever that when people splurge on buying that beef tenderloin filet, or carefully choose that chicken breast to spend their hard earned money on, that it’s cooked and seasoned exactly the way they want it. (If having a party of 7 or more, The Charmed Life Collection will give you 6 more unique Charms for your guests to choose from) (10% of this collection goes to breast cancer research) My mother and I were diagnosed with breast cancer in our 30’s and with two daughters of my own, I’m sure you can understand my urgency to find a cure) With Grill Charms™, if someone has a specific health or dietary need (such as needing a no sodium, low sugar or possibly a gluten free spice alternative) Grill Charms™ makes it fun and easy for people to identify their food before, during and most importantly after grilling, without any confusion or effort on the part of the grill master.

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