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Details: Online videos allow you learn visually. Two course package will take you from no experience to advanced functions in no time.

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Highlights and Specs

Businesses that run on best guesses and rough estimates seldom reach true levels of success. A large part of making your business thrive requires accurate mathematical calculations and figure tracking, which is why Microsoft Excel is considered to be an invaluable tool in daily business management functions. If your Excel skills aren’t where they need to be, BizDeals is here to help provide you with the training to make you a spreadsheet wizard. For just $49 you get both beginner/intermediate and advanced Excel courses from the online education experts at Udemy.

This deal includes:

Udemy’s Excel 2010 Course: Beginners to Intermediate ($99 value)
Udemy’s Advanced Excel 2010 Course ($99 value)

In the Beginner/Advanced Excel Training Course you’ll learn by actually watching the author perform the operations he is instructing on as he explains step by step to how to perform the functions. From the absolute basics of creating your very first worksheet you’ll slowly work up through Excel’s various capabilities, advancing through topics such as basic to advanced formula and functions. The courses include a chapter on connecting to the new Microsoft Web Apps, and how to use your own SkyDrive to store and share your Microsoft Excel projects. These courses also include full practical working files, allowing you to actually work as you go.

By the completion of this computer based training course, you will be fully versed, and capable of working with Microsoft Excel 2010 in a commercial environment.

The Beginner/Intermediate Excel Course includes:

Detailed video instruction in Microsoft Excel 2010 from a professional trainer from your own desk.
126 lectures (9.5 hours of content) teaching you from the basic to the advanced of this powerful program
Visual training method, offering users increased retention and accelerated learning
Courses divided into simplistic steps

The Advanced Excel Training Course delves even deeper into this powerful spreadsheet software. You will learn advanced features such as nesting IF statements, how to calculate the Mean of a group of numbers using AVERAGEIF, SUMIF and more. You will learn about performing lookups with HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP. This tutorial also covers Sparklines, and goes in-depth with Pivot Tables and Charts. Finally, you will learn how to create and record your own Macros.

This advanced tutorial video is the perfect addition to the skills you’ll learn in the beginner/intermediate courses. By the conclusion of this advanced Microsoft Excel tutorial you will have mastered the advanced features and functions of this software. Working files are included to allow you to follow along with the same files the author trains you with.

The Advanced Excel Course includes:

Detailed video instruction on Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 from a professional trainer from your own desk
136 lectures (8.5 hours of content) teaching you lookups, advanced IF statements, Macros, Sparklines, and much more!
Complex applications broken down into simple, visually demonstrated steps

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