50% OFF on Yugoslavia 1900s $500 Billion dinara Plus FREE $1 Dinara coin.

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Expiry: 2010-5-31
Details: Yugoslavia 1900s $500 Billion dinara – This $500 billion dinara note from Yugoslavia sounds like a lot, but in the early 1990s it was barely enough to buy a gallon of milk! That’s what happens when a country’s inflation rate goes haywire. When you purchase the banknote, you’ll also receive a FREE $1 Dinara coin. To equal $500,000,000,000, the weight of all the $1 Dinara coins would equal that of over 21 modern U.S. aircraft carriers. The coin is comprised of copper and zinc. So buy this from GovMint.com and get 50% off and plus Free $1 Dinara coin.

This Coupon has expired on 2010-5-31 as per our database.
Use it on your own Luck.

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