Save 37% on Boston Acoustics VR1 High Performance 2-way Tower Speaker, Now Only $189.97 each.


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Details: The VR1 floorstanding speakers deliver the kind of powerful, impressive sound usually associated only with much larger, more expensive speakers. They feature dual woofers for deep, authoritative bass response and low distortion. The placement of the woofers on the baffle has been chosen with extreme care and precision, and it prov “ides two very specific, clearly audible benefits: First, by separating the woofers by a precisely calculated distance, the internal “pipe organ” standing wave—common to all columnar-type enclosures that have their bass drivers closely grouped at one end of the cabinet—is reduced to the point of audible insignificance. The result is less midrange coloration and a commensurate increase in clarity and detail. The second benefit is smoother, more uniform upper bass/lower midrange frequency response in a real listening room. The dimensional relationship of the woofer to the nearby room boundaries (the walls and floor) in any speaker results in a reinforcement or cancellation of upper bass/lower midrange frequencies corresponding to the woofer-to-boundary distances. By placing the cabinet’s two woofers at optimally chosen different locations, these dimensions are “averaged” over a wider variety of distances, thereby reducing the influence of any single woofer-to-boundary dimension. The result is much smoother, more accurate in-room frequency response, with far less of the typical “peak and dip” characteristic found in conventional designs. So buy this Speaker from and you can Save 37% on the Boston Acoustics VR1 High Performance 2-way Tower Speaker, now only $189.97 each including shipping.

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