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  Have been adding a lots of coupons recently almost 5-10 websites daily but today though of a new idea and wanted to experiment on the site. Under this trial, the readers of my blog can now request the coupons for the sites they are planning to shop on.
  The Process will be as follows:
  1) You request a coupon for a site.
  2) I will search for the coupon of that site in my advertiser network, on other sites on web and if its not available in any of the above two options then I will contact the site directly and check/request them for a coupon.
  3) If I am able to find a coupon that will be send to you by email and will also be posted on the site plus that coupon post will have a line “Requested by: your name (with your site link depends on type of site)”
  and yes the above all will be done for free of cost and you don’t need to do anything compulsory in return but using our affiliate/referral link (if any) to shop on that site and leave a comment on our blog or add a link to our site on your website/blog will be appreciated.
  I can’t guarantee that I will get you coupon for sure but can guarantee you that I will give my best efforts to find that coupon for you.
  To request a coupon just contact us from this contact form with
  Name: your name or web nickname
  Email: I will use this to send the coupon to you
  URL: your site link if any, I may use it in the coupon post
  Message: First Line – Request Coupon then details provide the details about what you are planning to shop on that site with link to the site

This coupon was published long time ago and has no expiry date information in our database.
So we are not sure if this coupon will still work. Use it on your own Luck.

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