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Details: Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. In the frozen wastes north of Russia, a lone seaward vessel seeks the elusive Northwest Passage. Suddenly they sight a dog sled with a gargantuan figure in the shape of a man, driving the dogs northward to sure oblivion. The following day, they find another sled. This sled is filled with a European near death, and when asked what he is chasing, he simply replies, “to seek one who fled from me.” So begins the famous tale of a man who found the secret of life, and created a man in his own image. This multifaceted story tackles many themes fundamental to man’s existence, while trailblazing a new genre in literature: horror. Harrison’s voicing of the creature is one of his greatest achivements, giving the horrible, wretched creature a subtle nobility, thus creating a fully dimensional character. Running Time: 8 hours, 19 minutes. And Get Frankenstein Unabridged for Only 99 cents!


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